Monday Milwaukee Mystery

Time for a change of theme. I know many people love to see the old photos of Milwaukee but we are nearly through with all of the challenging ones. In the interest of keeping a challenging mystery we are now introducing the Mystery Faces of Milwaukee. This new mystery will have fans try to guess the building that the mystery face is located on. This will test everyone’s memory of building details around the city. We are concentrating on big buildings around or near downtown.

Can anyone guess the building where this week’s face is located? The hint is that it is somewhere on Wisconsin Avenue.

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  1. penance

    This is from the Ambassador Hotel on 2308 W. Wisconsin Ave.. A very unique Art Deco styling since most Art Deco faces are very stoic.

  2. Yep. I assume it might have been an item from the terra cotta manufacturer’s catalog that happened to catch the eye of the owner or architect.

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