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For those of you who are newer to the Oldmilwaukee.net site, there is a whole other side to the website than what you see here. It is more or less hidden. The old discussion forums are still underground and open but you will need to be separately registered to that unless you are one of the old time site users who can always use it. If you want to register to that section of the site, email me and I will get you online. You can browse the articles without being registered but sometimes the fun is in making your own posts.

There is also the very old Gallery section with many pictures. That used to be an integral part of the forums but after it wasn’t supported anymore by newer forum updates I had to separate it forever. It can still be accessed and images can be viewed but it is stuck in a time capsule.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the old sections of the site. What is a history website without some of its own buried history?

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  1. just1paul

    I have not been coming here as much as I’d like. But I do appreciate the work you put into the site Yance!

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