Building History Detail
Majestic Building

This was one of Milwaukee's early office skyscrapers. It was 14 stories high with all of the ornamentation and heavy cornices popular at the time. The structure was built with a steel skeleton and enameled cream-colored terra cotta exterior. A vaudeville theater and later movie theater that seated over 2,000 people existed until 1935 when the space was converted into stores. The conversion was unique due to the six-story height of the auditorium. In 1952, the wooden pilings beneath the building were rotted to the point where they had to be repaired. Gorman & Co. bought the building in 2003 from Towne Realty, and began a project to convert the upper floors of the building to 113 affordable apartments.

Architect: Kirchhoff and Rose

Year Built: 1908, Year Demolished: n/a

Address History:
221 Grand Ave (1908 - 1929)
231 W Wisconsin Ave (1930 - present)

WHS Historical Images
Milwaukee Sentinel, March 30, 1907
Milwaukee Sentinel, April 19, 1908
Milwaukee Sentinel, February 17, 1935
MPL Historic Photos
Milwaukee Journal, June 5, 1952
Milwaukee Sentinel, April 15, 1969
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 7, 2003

Wisconsin Historical Society AHI#: 41861

Record Update: 2014-06-03