Building History Detail
Empire Building

A twelve story buff colored brick and stone office building with a structure of steel. The windows on the top floor have ornamental balustrades and terra cotta panels above. The 2,400 seat Riverside Theater was built as a venue for movies and vaudeville shows. Towne Realty bought the building in 1961.

Architect: Kirchhoff and Rose

Year Built: 1928, Year Demolished: n/a

Address History:
2 Grand Ave (1928 - 1929)
112 W Wisconsin Ave (1930 - present)

Milwauke Journal, April 17, 1927
Milwauke Journal, March 4, 1928
Milwaukee Sentinel, March 21, 1928
Milwaukee Sentinel, April 28, 1928
Milwaukee Journal, November 12, 1961

Wisconsin Historical Society AHI#: 41778

Record Update: 2014-08-09