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Boston Store

A five story brick building built for the John Plankinton estate to replace buildings burned down in early 1895. Plankinton's architect Frank Bugbee worked with Marshall and Ryder on the design.

The Boston Store moved from their store on 3rd and Highland in the Lipps Building and opened their expanded store on April 23, 1900. The store was originally split up into different departments which were leased by merchants under the umbrella of the Boston Store company. In 1906 these leases were all purchased by the owners until in 1928 the last lease finally expired.This store is all that remains of the many large department stores that occupied downtown.

Architect: Marshall and Ryder

Year Built: 1896, Year Demolished: n/a

Address History:
319-321 Grand Ave (1896 - 1929)
331 W Wisconsin Ave (1930 - present)

Milwaukee Journal, April 13, 1895
Milwaukee Journal, January 1, 1928
UWM Digital Postcard Collection
UWM Digital Postcard Collection

Wisconsin Historical Society AHI#: 41857

Record Update: 2009-07-30