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Colby Abbott Building

A six story brick building. Colby and Abbott purchased the property for the headquarters of the Wisconsin Central Railway of which they were Vice President and Secretary, respectively. They later were appointed President and VP of the Chicago and Great Western Road in 1885.

Groundbreaking for the building was in 1883. The building was renovated and another floor was added in 1906 with plans by architect Eugene Liebert.

The property was previously known as the Boynton Corner due to Mr. Boynton's purchase of the property in 1871.

Architect: Mix, E T

Year Built: 1884, Year Demolished: n/a

Address History:
445 Milwaukee St (1884 - 1929)
759 N Milwaukee St (1930 - present)

Milwaukee Sentinel, April 20, 1884
Milwaukee Journal, March 10, 1906
UWM Digital Collection
MPL Historic Photos

Wisconsin Historical Society AHI#: 116498

Record Update: 2010-11-17