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Hotel Astor

An eight story hotel and residence apartment built with a reinforced concrete structure and an exterior of grey stone on the first two stories and red brick on the remaining floors. The two easterly towers were completed in 1920 and the hotel was first opened on January 1, 1921. The westerly addition to the hotel was finished in 1926. A fire on February 18, 1935 killed two people from smoke inhalation.

Architect: Tullgren, Martin and Sons

Year Built: 1920, Year Demolished: n/a

Address History:
260-266 Division St (1920 - 1929)
924 E Juneau Ave (1930 - present)

Milwaukee Sentinel, January 1, 1921
Milwaukee Journal, March 28, 1926
MPL Architectural Archives
Wikimedia Image

Wisconsin Historical Society AHI#: 16739

Record Update: 2011-01-11