Building History Detail
Hotel Juneau

A five story brick building originally built as an apartment building with sixteen flats. An addition with dimensions of 25x110 feet was added in 1895 to the west to cover the space between it and the Globe Hotel. On the ground floor it housed the locally reknown Eugene's restaurant run by Eugene Trimberger from 1919 to 1948 and was still in operation until the building was torn down in 1963.

Architect: Koch, E V

Year Built: 1890, Year Demolished: 1963

Address History:
225-231 Wisconsin St (1890 - 1929)
809-815 E Wisconsin Ave (1930 - 1963)

MPL Remember When
Milwaukee Sentinel, April 16, 1899
Milwaukee Sentinel, December 21, 1890

Record Update: 2009-10-04