Building History Detail
Raleigh Hotel

This small three story brick hotel has been known under many different names in all its years. In March 1915 it opened as the Nixdorf, then in 1925 changed to the Raleigh when it was bought by Edwin Gallun, and finally to the State Hotel in 1943 as it was known until it was demolished in 1963.

Architect: Schmidtner, L E

Year Built: 1872, Year Demolished: 1968

Address History:
46 Martin St (1872 - 1929)
148 E State St (1930 - 1968)

Milwaukee Sentinel, May 7, 1872
Milwaukee Sentinel, March 11, 1915
Milwaukee Sentinel, September 13, 1942
MPL Historic Photos

Record Update: 2010-10-13