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Milwaukee Arena

The Arena was built to work together with the Auditorium as an entertainment complex. It was designed to hold indoor sporting events but mainly as the home of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. Seating was in place for a maximum of 12,750 people and the corridors and conveniences could also handle these large crowds. The price tag for the building ended up being about $5 million which was higher than expected and required some redesign of materials to bring down the cost. The design of the exterior and interior was mid century modern with smooth terrazzo floors throughout and a spectacular arched roof with eight large arches and four smaller ones at a height of 100 feet above the arena floor. The building was made of reinforced concrete and has ground dimensions of 320x420 feet. A massive number of 1,956 pilings support the building in ground that was originally very swampy. The building has gone through a few name changes and was recently changed from the US Cellular Arena to the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena.

Architect: Eschweiler and Eschweiler

Year Built: 1950, Year Demolished: n/a

Address History:
400 W Kilbourn Ave (1950 - present)

Milwaukee Sentinel, April 8, 1950
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Wisconsin Historical Society AHI#: 118240

Record Update: 2014-08-13