Building History Detail
Milwaukee Public Museum

The Public Museum building consists of several buildings connected together, the most recent part being the two-story Butterfly exhibit addition built in 2000 in the former main entrance on Wells Street. The IMAX theater/ Discovery World addition on the east end of the complex was finished in 1996 and was a steel framed 3-story building with a new main entrance designed by HGA Architects.

The main portion of the museum and the central building is 6 stories high, reinforced concrete and includes offices and storage space including several floors of exhibits. The east and west wings are both 3-story high and includes the main exhibition space for permanent exhibits. Since its inception the museum had been owned by the City but a transfer of ownership to Milwaukee County was finalized in 1976.

Architect: Eschweiler, Eschweiler, and Sielaff

Year Built: 1963, Year Demolished: n/a

Address History:
800 W Wells St (1963 - present)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, February 10, 1999

Wisconsin Historical Society AHI#: 41857

Record Update: 2013-05-15