Building History Detail
Stone Creek Coffee

A 2-story brick building, originally part of the Crystal Soap Company which later was acquired by Palmolive Soap. Many of the buildings in the vicinity were occupied by the company at the height of its operations in Milwaukee. Palmolive ended its operations here in 1934 and the building found many other uses. It was bought by Stone Creek Coffee in 1999 for use as coffee roasting and distribution. It was remodeled in 2012 to add the cafe, Training Center, Cupping Lab, and Stone Creek Kitchen.

Architect: Burnham & Root

Year Built: 1888, Year Demolished: n/a

Address History:
422 N 5th St. (1930 - present)
56-60 5th St. (1888 - 1929)

Stone Creek Coffee

Wisconsin Historical Society AHI#: 109249

Record Update: 2016-02-29