Building History Detail
Herold Building

A four story brick building built in the Italianate style with dimensions of 60x60 feet. The building had plaque with a date of 1861. It was bought by the Herold in 1875 and renovated by Architect Gombert for Herold publisher, William Coleman. It was previously the Bentley European Hotel and was home for the Polish language newspaper, Kuryer Polski in the early 20th century.

Architect: unknown

Year Built: 1861, Year Demolished: 1941

Address History:
435 Broadway (1861 - 1929)
747 N Broadway (1930 - 1941)

WHS Photo
Milwaukee Journal, August 16, 1940
Milwaukee Sentinel, August 17, 1940
Milwaukee Sentinel, March 16, 1941

Record Update: 2014-03-01