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The downtown building database contains a historical list of buildings that have existed in the downtown area. This information has mostly been compiled from primary newspaper sources but has also used various books, databases, city directories, sanborn maps, and other historic sources to provide addresses, architects, construction and demolition dates, and building information.

The database is by no means complete but it strives to present accurate information. Building names have sometimes changed during their history and the names given are based on the most common historic name. References have been provided to published sources as well as online pictures and other databases. Construction dates are given as the year in which the building was completed. Research and additions to the database continue on a weekly basis.

Access to buildings in the database can be found by searching for architects, completion date, demolition date, building name, location, or by keywords. A 1930 downtown map is shown on the Maps section of the website. The buildings which are detailed in the database are given a record ID which corresponds to the numbers shown on buildings in the map. Future implementation will link the building record with the map at the click of a mouse.

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Database design and administration - Gary de Jong

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