Building History Database

For those of you that know only the blog section of the website you may want to explore a little further. There is a steadily growing and updated database of downtown Milwaukee buildings. This database lists brief histories of existing and old buildings, some of which are long gone.

You can use the “Downtown Building Database Search” many different ways by searching by architect, building name or just by looking to see what is newly added to the list. I have been taking pictures of existing buildings to add to the database, finding older building images to scan, and doing extra research to find more information. This resource will continue to expand so check back often!


Happy New Year!

A big thanks to all of you for helping to make a popular place to get your dose of Milwaukee History! Have a Happy New Year’s Eve! See you in 2014.

This is a view of an ice castle from a winter festival sometime in the 1940s.

Tutorial Time

So I finally put together a few guides for working with the new blog. Most everyone should now be able to log in and comment and quite a few of you can write your own posts. If things aren’t working, shoot me an email.

The About section should give you a basic run-down of where things are. For the adventurous ones you can write something down and be famous! The Posting Guide section will step you through that process.

If we have some new people that want to try their hand and help us out here at then email me and we will get you set up.


Newly Updated Blog

It took a lot of hairpulling but I think I have the blog set up the way I like it. This will change the way everyone interacts with the site but I think after all is said and done it will be a big improvement. The forums can still be found at the link to the right under “Side Streets”. These may be retired in the future to make everything simpler.

Stay tuned!

Any comments?