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There a always a few good blogs on Milwaukee history that pop up every now and then. Some, unfortunately stay active for awhile and then become inactive but there are some which manage to keep going. Oldmilwaukee has managed to stay active since 2007 with only a few periods of darkness.

These are some which I have found recently and thought I’d share them with my readers.

The Milwaukee Polonia Project has been going strong since 2011 and although it deals primarily with Polish geneology, it has many historical articles that shed light on the difficulties of pioneer Poles.

Milwaukee Mafia History has been going for the past few years and tells many interesting stories about the mob in Milwaukee. Daniel Bridger has many interesting experiences to tell and this site is worth reading.

Mid Century Modern is a blog for architectural buffs and I think it is still active. It deals with modern architects and their works in the Milwaukee area.

Milwaukee’s Lost Boulevards is an interesting website that shows a history of something many people haven’t realized that we have lost. Up until recent budget cuts have hit Milwaukee’s city departments hard, boulevards were centers of beauty with large raised bed flower gardens. Most of these have been lost although a few, planted mostly with perennials remain. Looking at the Past and Present section makes readers yearn for the lost beauty.

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  1. John Cooper

    In Seattle, traffic circles (raised circular beds in the middle of residential intersections, intended to slow traffic) are maintained by neighbors on a volunteer basis. I see no reason Milwaukee neighborhoods couldn’t similarly restore and maintain the garden strips in boulevards. Ideally, this would be done with the approval of the city, if only to avoid misunderstandings.

  2. mkemaster

    I’m all for volunteer citizens taking on many responsibilities for things like this. If more residents took the effort to make Milwaukee clean, beautiful, and safe then we could have a much better city. The government is the people.

  3. There are community sponsored boulevard gardens in some parts of town. It’s the kind of thing you notice up close when you’re a pedestrian. I wonder if the Milwaukee County Parks Dept. could steer an interested citizen to one of these efforts.

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