Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Green Sheet?

From an interview with Journal Sentinel editor George Stanley:

Hi everyone. I’m curious to know how many other readers would like us to find a way to bring back The Green Sheet for old time’s sake, if we could manage it?

Duane Dudek also blogged about the possibility of its return.

If you would like to see it come back, let him know by emailing him here: If there are enough supportive emails the Green Sheet could have a green light!

Thanks to Dan Lee for the heads up!

Comments (2)

  1. Dennis Bohn

    The content of the daily paper is poor right now. Adding a feature,
    such as the Green Sheet might boost circulation. The “stand alone” Green Sheet with it’s columns, such as “Mrs. Griggs” and “Ask Andy” appealed to a broad age range. For many kids, the Green Sheet was the first “voluntary” reading experience.

  2. The paper isn’t getting much better and is struggling to adapt to the 21st century. The Green Sheet could help circulation but it too would have to find features that cater to a wider modern audience. It could be done but they need some creative minds to rebuild it.

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