Cabaret MKE presents “Cream City Crime Syndicate: Politics & Anarchy.”

Cabaret MKE opens it’s 5th theater season with an original work titled, “Cream City Crime Syndicate: Politics & Anarchy.” The story indeed takes us back to Milwaukee’s socialist heyday with the election of Mayor Daniel Hoan. The country was on the brink of joining the 1st World War, militant factions were active across our country, in fact a local anarchist group accidentally blew up a police precinct killing half the cops on duty, Mayor Hoan kept two body guards on his payroll in light of near daily death threats, and he even had a political arch nemesis by the name of Wheeler P. Bloodgood who was rumored to employ intimidation tactics for his political ends.

Our shows are more than just a play, you could say they’re a play within a play or more precise: a radio play within a radio show. We have always modeled our productions after the old radio variety programs of the 30’s & 40’s complete with a host, house band, jingle singers, period comedy, and real news updates pulled straight from the old headlines.

The show runs November 7,8 14,15 & 21,22 at the Astor Hotel. All shows start at 7:pm with live pre-show music beginning when the doors open at 6:30. Tickets can be purchased online by searching for Cabaret MKE on Tickets are $25, senior and student discounted tickets can be reserved via e-mail at

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