Monday Milwaukee Mystery

This Monday’s mystery photo shows a view of buildings that are long gone except for one on the very edge of the picture. The area is on the edge of downtown and there are a few clues that may help on the bottom of the picture. Where was the mystery picture located?

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  1. Tony Guarnero

    I cant explain exactly what these building are but they look as if they are the building located on 2nd street right up the block from national. I can mainly tell from the 2nd building to last on the far left with the big opening to the entrance.

  2. Tony Guarnero

    Sorry, just to add a little more description, right up the block from where the carpet store i think called sorefs carpet city is located in Walkers point. I know im a young soul only 30yrs old but i went to tech highschool & can swear i seen these building daily..

  3. mkemaster

    They are similar Italianate-style buildings to those on South 2nd street but this picture shows buildings on North Third Street. The building barely visible on the far left was the recently torn down Sidney Hih building on the northwest corner of 3rd and Juneau. The buildings to the north of the Sydney Hih were torn down for the Park East freeway sometime in the 1960s. The railroad tracks in the foreground were on the east side of 3rd Street and were part of the “Beer Line” spur tracks.

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