Monday Milwaukee Mystery

This week’s mystery photo was taken sometime in the 1940s, somewhere on the city’s south side. Schultz’s Tavern is on the right and a drug store is on the left. The #14 streetcar is westbound. Many of the buildings you see are still there, although they’re looking a bit scruffy nowadays.

Any guesses? Good Luck!

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  1. henry

    Hi Vance
    I am in the process of researching the genealogy of my family and thus started to look for pictures of how Milwaukee looked when they were around. Thus I came to you web page.

    Question: Are you sure the tram car is going East-West here ? If I am reading this map right, tram car #14 travels NE-SW.

  2. Yeah, Forest Home runs technically northeast to southwest but in the interest of simplicity, the line ran east/west. Sorry for the confusion,

  3. henry

    Well I lived on 24th and Becher St., thus recognized the particular geometry of the left corner where we see the Drug Store as I went by here for many years to Pulaski High School.

    Anyway, that was fun. Thanks for shedding light on the past. 🙂

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