Monday Milwaukee Mystery

Today we are back with the Monday Mysteries after some time spent doing much needed website maintenance.

This mystery photo has some clues as to the location in the picture. I will leave it to you to decipher. The building on which the sculpture is located lies in the area of downtown west of the river. I’ll wait to see if anyone can guess it before giving out more clues.

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  1. just1paul

    This is killing me. Wild guess is the Masonic Temple on Wisconsin Ave

  2. The masonic symbol is throwing some people off. This isn’t on a masonic building and is downtown.

  3. just1paul

    I’d say MATC but the brick color is not right. What about the Milwaukee Journal Building?

  4. MATC is close enough. It is technically the MATC Technical Building on the northwest corner of 6th & Highland.

  5. jennacoolio

    on the usinger’s building?

  6. jennacoolio


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