Misericordia Hospital

I wanted to cross post this recent post from the old forums to here.

I recently came upon an old postcard, 1911 of the first Misericordia hospital. I’ll try and upload the image.

I found some info on the nuns that started it. This was originally the Bishops residence until he moved to the Pabst mansion. But it looks very much like it is several houses interconnected judging by the varying styles. Does anyone know if these were individual homes. The site is 22nd and Juneau. The hospital moved here in 1908.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. PJ Smith

    Hi Ellen,

    That is a very bizarre appearing building.

    When did the Bishop of Milwaukee first take residence there? And who in the Pabst family was the one who said that as part of the deal for acquiring their mansion, that the Bishop turn his old residence over for a hospital?

    There is a photo on the Milwaukee Public Library Site.

    I would have posted the picture with the link, but don’t know how to do that in a reply. About time to change my name to Luddite.

    Volume 2 of the 1894 Sanborn maps of Milwaukee also show the house with the weird growths. I don’t know how to post those either as replies.

  2. PJ Smith

    I put a url for a photo by “clicking here”, but it posted nothing. And I just did this at 2:04 PM, but it shows 7:02 PM. Where is the tutorial for using the replies? Thanks.

  3. Most Milwaukee hospitals were started in converted mansions so I would tend to believe that these were mansions originally.

    I fixed your replies PJ although I’m not sure of the difference in time.

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