Ruins in the River

Interesting things are showing up in the river, apparently.

There is a rather large construction project taking place right now near the Urban Ecology Center, along the Milwaukee River. They are apparently removing an embankment that appears to have been a former landfill site. At the moment, they have unearthed what appears to be the remains of a beautiful old building. The attached image shows one element, but there are also large sections of dental moulding (concrete), doric or ionic columns, etc.

Attached is a link to the exact location of the project.

I thought perhaps your folks might help identify the building. I’m not sure if this is something you are interested in, but I would advise that it appears as though much has already been cleared and I’m not sure where they are taking the fill.

Jessica St. John

Comments (2)

  1. Most likely it was one of the many buildings that existed on the site that was demolished years ago. I took a look at the area this weekend and there are plenty of bricks and stone and what-not scattered everywhere.,549

  2. On a side note, on the shore of the lake front, south of the old shooting range, there are plenty of old stones to help check shore erosion that are obviously from other Milwaukee buildings torn down in the past.Ruins.jpg

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